Shaun of the dead shaun
Actor Simon Pegg
Status Alive
Occupation Electronics Salesman
Gender Male
Weapon of choice Cricket bat

Winchester 1886


Shaun (Played by Simon Pegg) is the main protagonist of the horror comedy, Shaun of the Dead. He is best friends with Ed, who he had met in primary school and he has a girlfriend named Liz. He loves to go to his local pub, called the Winchester, where he spends most of his nights. He is employed at a local TV store.

Before the Zombie AttackEdit

Shaun was living with his best friend Ed and his old high school friend Pete. He was experiencing trouble in his relationship with his mother and his girlfriend Liz.

Shaun was a regular customer at The Winchester, his favourite pub.

During the Zombie AttackEdit

Shaun rallied up Ed, Liz, David, Dianne, Philip and Barbara, his mother to flee the neighbourhood and hide in his favourite pub, The Winchester until the military would eventually rescue them.

Shaun had to shoot Barbara in order to prevent her from killing the rest of the survivors in the pub and to end her suffering, as she had turned.