Actor Kate Ashfield
Status Alive
Gender Female
Weapon of choice Hockey stick


Liz (Played by Kate Ashfield) is Shauns on and off girlfriend and is the only one of the group besides Shaun that survives the outbreak. Before the outbreak actually occurs  its clear that Liz isnt satisfied with their social life and relationship because Shaun only went to the Winchester for a night out.

Before the Zombie AttackEdit

Liz was considering breaking up with Shaun, due to his lack of grip on reality and the seriousness of their current state of relationship.

During the Zombie AttackEdit

Liz joins Shaun on his way to The Winchester. She is constantly seen trying to convince David do accept the fact that Shaun is in charge of the group. Liz managed to escape the pub with Shaun in one piece as the military arrives at that precise moment that they leave.