Actor Nick Frost
Status Was Alive Now Undead
Gender Male
Weapon of choice Shovel

Winchester 1886

Molotov Cocktail


Ed (played by Nick Frost) is one of the main characters of Shaun of the Dead, and is Shaun's best friend, who he knew since primary school. Ed is shown to be quite idiotic, with no job, lazy, and quite rude, he however, cares for Shaun and his friends, and as he sacrifices his life to save Shaun.

Before the Zombie AttackEdit

Ed was living with his best friend Shaun and Pete. Ed was dealing drugs in order to contribute to paying the rent

During the Zombie AttackEdit

Ed joined Shaun in order to flee with Shaun and his girlfriend Liz in The Winchester, Shaun and Ed's favourite pub. During the fallout with David, the zombies break in and Ed gets bit. In order for Shaun and Liz to survive, Ed sacrifises himself. He somehow managed to survive long enough to turn. He is later seen playing videogames with Shaun in the shed.